The truth about bike insurance in Thailand

When a new customer comes to Pattaya Rent a Bike we give them the following video to watch before renting a bike:

It outlines the customers responsibilities but more importantly starts with a very clear message. OUR BIKES DO NOT COME WITH INSURANCE.

I shouted that out while typing as it amazes me how many people are not bothered by this, in fact we have only had 3 customers ever walk away after being told this (All Americans)

Now let me explain this a little further, firstly our bikes do actually come with insurance, they all have a compulsory government insurance however this insurance has very low coverage and it’s hard for my staff to explain to customers so we found it easier to tell them there is no insurance and they must take full responsibility when riding one of these bikes.

We occasionally get the question about additional insurance cover but unfortunately there is not a company in Pattaya or nationally that insure rented motorbikes, the only additional cover you can get is if you own the bike or for your own personal injury but you should always check with your insurance company if you are covered for motorbikes

You are probably reading this and thinking we shouldn’t be renting out bikes with such lousy coverage?

Well if we didn’t, what other options are there for people? Taking minibuses, we all know the dangers there, taking baht buses and hanging off the back with absolutely no regard for safety  or maybe motorbike taxis where the insurance situation would be exactly the same.

Renting motorbikes out with low insurance coverage is not great but at least now you know!