Minor car accidents in Thailand

We have all seen a car accident in Thailand at some time or another. I have been here 7 years so I’ve seen my fair share but one thing still amazes me when there is an accident here, and that is how the guys in the accident just get out of their vehicles and leave the cars exactly how they came together with total disregard for the time of day and the traffic on the road. One particular incident comes to mind when a two vehicles were involved in the minor of minor accidents, you couldn’t even see where they had hit. Anyway the two parties involved did exactly what there insurance company had told them and that was to leave the vehicles as they were until they arrived on the seen. Now this maybe sound advice in most circumstance but this accident was at 5:30 pm on a Friday and right in the middle of town, the accident caused major traffic problems. I was interested to see what the insurance guy said when he arrived some 35 minutes laters so I hung around. He arrived asked what happened, asked who fault it was, told the lady she would be better off giving the other lady 1000 baht rather then putting it through the insurance, which she agreed. She paid another 200 baht for the insurance guys call out and the situation was resolved in less the 15 minutes. Surely this could have been done without holding up the traffic for more then an hour

My advice to my customers who rent from me is to phone me first if an accident occurs. That way, I can advice them on the best course of action and try not to waste anybodies time.


Carl Rental

Partner, Pattaya Rent a Car