You left the light on!

Every couple of weeks we get the same phone call from a distressed customer saying that they can not start the car! “I came to the car, put the key in the ignition and nothing, no power at all” they explain. After a couple of quick questions over the phone we can normally assume the issue is a flat battery and off my staff go to assist the customer in jump starting the car.

In our 9 years of business, 99% of the time it is a flat battery! Car batteries here in Thailand last between 2-3 years and contrary to what some people might believe they slowly lose their charge over time so with the right equipment and regular checks we can normally replace the battery before you would get a faulty one. So it begs the questions, why do we get these calls every couple of weeks?

You guessed it! The interior light was left on. It’s no big deal for us, we are happy to help with the issue but it’s amazing how many customers are not so understanding. They automatically assume it is a fault with the car and we are often forced to change the car for their peace of mind. After explaining why the issue has occurred to prevent it from happening again we are normally met with resistance which is expected, no one likes to be told they did something wrong

So if you are reading this please check the lights before exiting your vehicle and if you do get a flat battery, just remember…….it’s no big deal