Where do Japanese Expats go at Weekends


There are many different nationalities of expat in Thailand and the Japanese are just one of these groups. Although this group is not particularly large in Pattaya they certainly have a large presence around the industrial estates in the Eastern Seaboard and those in the Chonburi area. So what is there for these Japanese expats to do in their free time at the weekends? Here are just 5 suggestions that are regularly mentioned:


The Japanese are well known for their love of golf and Thailand has some excellent courses. If you were to play any of the local courses at the weekend you are sure to see a number of Japanese enjoying their rounds. This is predominantly the Japanese males although it is not unusual to see Japanese females playing as well. Of course golf in Thailand is far cheaper than golf in Japan so this is something that often occupies large amounts of their time!


Another thing that Japan is famous for is bringing Karaoke to the rest of the World. Wherever you go in Thailand you can be sure that you won’t be far away from a Karaoke Bar as this is something that the Thais are now falling in love with as well. This is a recreation that is often enjoyed by large groups of Japanese men and is often accompanied by alcohol.


Japanese food is fast becoming one of the most popular foods in the World and the Japanese expat likes nothing more than to go out and enjoy a meal with family, friends or work colleagues. Again there are a number of high quality restaurants around especially is you go to Bangkok where there is a large Japanese community.

japan3 Japanese Food


Like many other cultures, drinking alcohol is a popular pastime. Again something that is often done in large groups it often involves friends and colleagues. The culture is slightly different in the fact that often bottles of spirits are purchased to be consumed as opposed to bottles of beer or ordering another drink when they are ready. Hostesses are usually on hand to assist with the pouring (and often consuming) of the drinks.

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The Japanese are very family orientated and the weekends are often a time to spend with the family. This can involve viewing many of the sites of Thailand or perhaps a trip to one of the many shopping malls.