What is it with the Red Plate?

I was sat in my office recently looking out the window and noticed a guy wearing a Siam Commercial Bank shirt taking photos of my office front, I looked closer to try to understand what he was doing and realised one of my staff standing to the right of the building, he was getting his photo taking in front of his place of work as he was looking to get finance on a truck.

I dismissed it at first because I was busy at the time but later that day I starting thinking about my staff getting a new truck on finance. Although it wasn’t really any of my business to pry I wanted to understand why he felt the need to buy a brand new truck and to get a better understanding of his thought process. I pulled him in the office for a casual chat and he explained, with my manager translating that he “just wanted one”

I explained as best I could that cars are a liability and not an investment as he might think but he wasn’t interested in my opinion at all. I left it for a week or so and then asked my manager if he had gone off the idea yet, she said “no, absolutely not” so I pulled him in the office once again. I attempted to convince him not to go down this route as his wife had just given birth to their third child but again he wasn’t interested, all he could think about was turning up at the village after working hard in the city in a brand new truck with a red plate.

Time will tell if he regrets the decision or not but something tells me that with his repayments nearly half his salary that it won’t be long before the novelty wears off and he is stuck with a debt that he can’t manage