Uncommon Questions

This section is some of the more uncommon questions that I have been asked over the last few years which I wanted to share:

Customer: “I think the vehicle has a mechanical problem, I can not seem to get it out of park on the automatic gear shift”
Reply: “In all automatic vehicles you are required to push the brake petal before moving the gear shift out of park”


Customer: “On my motorbike I can not access the ignition anymore”

Reply: “Most motorbikes have a key lock that slides across the ignition for theft prevention. If you turn the key around to the plastic bit, there is a square head that is used to open this lock”


Customer: “Can you deliver the car to the airport for a one day rental?”

Reply: “Unfortunately our free delivery service only extends to Pattaya and nearby areas”


Customer: “Do you rent out condo’s?”

Reply: “We are strictly a car and motorbike rental company, we can put you in touch with some top real estate agents in Pattaya if you wish”


Customer: “I have never driven before but want to learn, can I hire a car?
Reply: “ Our insurance company only allows us to rent to customers that have already passed their driving test, sorry”


Customer: Можете ли вы сказать мне, где пляж находится?

Reply: “I’m sorry I do not speak Russian, yet!!!”


Customer: If I rent on Thursday at 10am for 7 days is it ok to bring it back the following Friday at 10am?

Reply: No Sir, that would be 8 days

Customer: Are you sure?

Reply: Yes, I am sure


Customer: Can we rent the car for 1 day and drop it off at the airport?

Reply: Yes of course but it would be a lot cheaper to use a Taxi