Is traffic in Pattaya getting worse?

As Pattaya gets an increasing number of visitors and the number of condominiums continues to rise there is little surprise that getting around Pattaya is becoming harder and harder. Although the roads in and around the city are constantly being improved, it is fair to say that they were never designed to take the volume of traffic that they now encounter. Anyone who has travelled around the city will be more than aware of the number of tour buses that are now visiting the many hotels and condos around the city and the number of cars that are stuck behind them whilst they unload their passengers, leaving little or no room for cars to pass.

Pattaya Traffic

The fact that the city is becoming increasingly busy and roads less passable that many people are now choosing to sell their cars and use motorbikes to get around as it is so much easier. Many people have been saying that “they wish they had done it years ago!” Bikes are relatively cheap to purchase but this is not always an option that many people wish to take so renting is always an option through a reputable company such as . After you have done this, you can then decide on the viability of using a bike and the options long term. One thing that is for certain, you will certainly notice a reduction in travelling times along with a huge reduction in your fuel costs.

Obviously a bike is not always suitable for every occasion and a car or pickup is the only real option that you have when the family comes to visit or you are moving house. These events are not everyday occurrences so can you really justify having a car to use just on these rare occasions? If and when you require a car why not rent one on a daily, weekly or monthly basis from Pattaya Rent a Car. All the vehicles are excellently maintained and insured with the legally required first class rental insurance that is often overlooked by many of the less trustworthy companies plying their trade around the city. You can hire the best vehicle to suit your needs for that one particular job or occasion not having to worry about whether the vehicle you own is suitable for every purpose.

Regardless of whether you are a long term resident or here simply for a couple of weeks, it really is worth exploring the possibility of switching from a car to a motorbike to get around the traffic and also save you money!