Traffic Congestion Crisis discussed at Pattaya City Hall Meeting

Source: Pattaya One News

A new sub-committee has been set up to examine the problems of traffic congestion in Pattaya City with the view of solving the problem in cooperation with various private and public agencies.

The initial meeting of the new sub-committee took place on Friday at Pattaya City Hall, chaired by Deputy Mayor Khun Ronagit, who was joined by representatives from the town planning department and various Police Divisions responsible for the city.

It is hoped that within 5 years Pattaya City will generate income from tourism totaling more than 2 Billion Baht. Tourist safety and convenience is of paramount concern and further issues such as tourist scams will be dealt with by other new sub-committees which are being set-up.

Delegates agree that one of the major problems is too many taxis on the roads and they will now look to work with the Pattaya Baht Bus Cooperative to ensure that lower numbers of taxis are on the roads at off-peak times. The committee will also discuss their disregard of other road users when stopping to collect passengers and illegal parking of the Baht Bus’s and Taxi’s which can also cause traffic congestion. One recommendation put forward relates to the introduction of clearly marked taxi ranks in strategic locations which will reduce traffic problems and provide convenience for those wishing to hire such a vehicle.

The next meeting of the new sub-committee is expected soon.