Top 5 Places to Visit in Pattaya

Tiffany Show (North Pattaya)

Tiffany’s Show was the first ever truly transvestite cabaret show in Southeast Asia. With over 28 years of stage experience, Tiffany’s Show is a firm favourite and a recommended attraction at Thailand’s most popular resort city. Millions of international visitors from every part of the world have experienced their spectacular performances and enjoyed their marvelous, talented and attractive performers.  Unfortunately it`s not allowed to take pictures using cameras or phone during the show. But all the actors go out the theatre in their best costumes and u can choose any of them for a picture. Do not forget to pay 100 baht/each







Pattaya floating market. (Jomtien)

The Four Regions Floating Market is separated into sections – each representing and selling items from the major parts of Thailand (north, northeast, central and south). There’s also a regular afternoon cultural show, and you can hire a man-powered boat for four people for around 30 minutes. A walk through the hundreds of wooden houses built in the different styles of Thailand’s four regions is pleasant and fun.









Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort
Here we can see the elephant, thai boxing show, and a variety of Thai culture. There is also a beautiful garden with a wide variety of plants,butterfly garden and there is also a mini zoo. Located about 15 km from South Pattaya.









Silverlake Winery Pattaya
Silverlake vineyard is currently seen as an attraction in Pattaya. It is the place that Thai tourists often visit when coming to Pattaya. Vineyard and winery is an aim of Silverlake established at the first place, but because of becoming as a popular place, Siverlake currently offers beautiful views and activities, such as Riding an ATV, bicycle, or wheeling boat. Silverlake is also a place for organizing events since its area is very large. Additionally, visitors are able to see sunset at the lake of Silverlake during October February. Silverlake is located at about 20 kilometers from Pattaya to Bang-Sarae, so it is not difficult to go, but it could take your time for a day to enjoy there.







Mimosa Pattaya
Mimosa Pattaya is a new attraction and shopping area not far from Pattaya city. With its interesting architecture, Mimosa can deliver good atmosphere and spots for visitors to take photos. There are also massage shops cafe and several other relaxing spots, in other word, this place is another place for visitors who would like to enjoy an alternative atmosphere when coming to Pattaya city. The location of Mimosa is just opposite to Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel.