Top 10 Road Rules for Driving in Pattaya

Pattaya road rule number one: someone will jump the red light at every single set of traffic lights you come to

Pattaya road rule number two: the yellow boxes in Pattaya mean nothing

Pattaya road rule number three: some sets of traffic lights have a free left turn and some do not. The only way of knowing if you can go or not is to listen for the beeps that come from behind you.

Pattaya road rule number four: overtaking and undertaking are very normal in Pattaya

Pattaya road rule number five: be aware of vehicles coming towards you on your side of the road at speed with no lights on. As hard as it is to believe this does happen in Pattaya with many foreign visitors who aren’t use to driving on the left side of the road.

Pattaya road rule number six: be aware of motorbikes coming at you from all angles sometimes even from the sidewalk

Pattaya road rule number seven: Roads are often closed by traffic police with the intension of helping traffic flow during rush hour. This can often add at least 30 minutes to your journey with no prior warning

Pattaya road rule number eight: anybody driving a baht bus can stop as quickly as the want, park where ever they want and drive without any regard for others on the road. This is normal in Pattaya so be patient if they stop in front of you and what ever you do, don’t tailgate a baht bus

Pattaya road rule number nine: be aware that the fast lane on the sukhumvit is often the slowest lane. The reason being is there are U turns all the way along this road which you need to slow down to be able to take.

Pattaya road rule number Ten: my personal favorite as I too thought the countdown on the traffic lights were a great idea when a first came to Thailand. What happens is, drivers approach the lights which are some 500 meters in front them with 8 secs on the clock, it then becomes a race with all drivers behind, in front, to the side of you to get across the line before they go red.  Very dangerous.

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