The Sporting Event of the Year

boxing 3

There can be little doubt that the sporting event of the year will be the long awaited fight between Floyd Mayweather JNR and Manny Pacquiao.  The fight will take place on May 2 2015 (3 May in Thailand) at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  The fight will be the richest fight in history with reports that it will generate around US$74 million more than 3 times the previous record.  The fight was finally agreed in February after the 2 fighters met and talked personally at a basketball game.  For various reasons including Mayweather’s insistence on regular drug testing the fight had seemed unlikely to ever take place with both fighters being in the twilight of their careers.

The fight is a unification bout for the WBA, WBC, WBO and The Ring World Welterweight titles.  Both fighters are currently around the 67kg mark with American Mayweather being the slightly taller at 5ft 8 inches compared to Filipino Pacquiao at 5ft 6.5 inches.  The fighters also have different styles with Mayweather having an orthodox style compared to the Southpaw of Pacquiao.  The boxers are believed to be the best pound for pound fighters in the World at present so the fight is sure to be an enthralling contest with the energy of Pacquiao coming again the guile of Mayweather.

boxing2 The tale of the tape.

The fight will be a big draw in all of the pubs and bars around Pattaya with many already working on a ticket only basis.  The most popular bars in the city such as The Sportsman on soi 13 and the I-Rover in LK Metro will be showing the fight so ensure that you get there early to secure your seat or at the very least a place where you can see the screen or one of the many screens that many of the pubs have.

There will of course be bars showing the fight in the Pratamnak area which is the home of the ever reliable Pattaya Rent a Car which is owned and run by the big boxing fan Shane Ruddle.  Whilst you are in the area it is well worth popping in to take a look at some of the offers that are available.  Pattaya Rent a Car is one of the few rental companies in Pattaya that offers first class rental insurance and all the vehicles are well maintained and new compared to many of the competitors in the city.