The Mercy Centre Pattaya – Who are they?


The Mercy Centre was founded in 2000 with the main aim of helping the “street children” in Pattaya. There are quite literally hundreds if not thousands of street children in Pattaya with the majority being deemed “at risk”. This can be at risk from violence, crime or sexual abuse and they receive little or no help from the Thai authorities so this is where charities such as the Mercy Centre step in and offer assistance.

The main aims of the charity are to provide emergency shelter where required, to offer a level of education to these people – something that they would probably not receive otherwise, and to offer general support to these people who are at risk both within and outside of the family environment. The goal is to ensure that everyone is protected from the risks associated with drug, alcohol, physical and sexual abuse as well as ensuring that all the basic needs of daily living are met.

The Mercy Centre is located in Duck Square which is on South Pattaya Road close to the Big C supermarket. The centre is always looking for people who can offer time or skills that will be of use to both the people who are attending but also to the centre itself. As with all charities, Mercy is always happy to accept help. This could be in the form of monetary donations, clothes or food as without these things it would be impossible for the project to keep running.

Mercy3 People offering assistance

The Mercy Centre is obviously very grateful for all the assistance that they already receive. There are a number of people in the city who actively promote the project and highlight the needs of those who visit the centre and also the needs of the project. Although Mercy is involved in many countries they all run independently and therefore local support is essential. If you feel that you can assist them in anyway, please contact them.