Taxi Ride from Bangkok to Pattaya


It doesn’t matter where we come from in the World the chances are that when we first arrive you will fly into Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. This is usually after a long flight and for those travelling onwards to Pattaya the last thing that we want is any problem s at the airport. Thankfully, the taxi service that is available from the airport is extremely efficient with a desk arranging taxis on your behalf. The fare is agreed prior to travel and paid directly to the taxi driver. Should you wish to go on the Expressway, which is highly recommended you will pay the toll in addition.

Generally, the journey from the airport takes between one and a half and two hours depending on the traffic and your desired location in Pattaya and will normally take you on the 7 Highway which will bring you out on the Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya between Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Road) and Pattaya Nua (North Pattaya Road). The price will again vary depending on where you are staying but between THB1500 and THB1800 would be reasonable.

taxi3 The famous Pattaya City sign

The journey will take you straight out of Bangkok and you will get to see limited parts of the local countryside in the outlying areas of Bangkok and close to Chonburi. This is possibly not the most picturesque but is probably very different what you have been used to in your home country. All in all this journey is usually pretty in uneventful which is no bad thing when you are looking to start your holidays.

Obviously some people will choose to stay in the capital Bangkok first and the then travel down to Pattaya. Most people to tend to stay in the Sukhumvit area or Silom area of the capital. Assuming that you are staying in a hotel, the hotels will easily be able to find you a suitable taxi service to take you down to Bangkok. The rates charged will be very similar to that charged from the airport. The time that this journey takes will be very much dependant on how quickly you can get out of Bangkok with congestion certainly being an issue. The route taken will vary due to your starting location and often from driver to driver.

Should you be looking to simply flag down a taxi on the street don’t be surprised if the first couple of attempts fail with the driver refusing to take you. This is not personal but they feel they can earn more money working locally. Most taxis have a guide price attached to the back of the driver’s seat but they are likely to want to agree a price before commencing the journey.