Swedish Community in Pattaya


As many of you will be aware there is quite a large Scandinavian community in Pattaya and many people from this group are actually Swedish although exact numbers appear to be quite hard to find.  Many of the Scandinavian community tend to reside in Pratamnak and Jomtien although it is not uncommon to find them living in other areas.

These groups, although often sticking together in Pratamnak, do tend to mix very well with other nationalities with usually excellent English being spoken.  They often frequent the local bars with quite a few Swedish owned bars in the Central Pattaya and Beach Road areas.  Purely Swedish restaurants are quite hard to find although general Scandinavian restaurants are quite plentiful.  Restaurants such as the Beefeater just off Soi Diana do advertise that they serve Swedish food so finding something to ‘tickle your taste buds’ will not be an issue.

sweden2 A Swedish Bar owner in Central Pattaya

Golf is a popular pastime for many people in this group and Pattaya is an excellent place to come if this is an activity that you enjoy.  The area has over 20 championship standard courses, all of which are reasonable priced when compared to other parts of Asia, Europe and America.  Other sports are also very accessible such as scuba diving, kite surfing plus a whole host of other water sports.

Sweden is one of the few countries that still have a consulate in Pattaya and this is located in the Dusit Thani Hotel which is situated on the Dolphin Roundabout in North Pattaya.  Sweden has had a consulate in Pattaya since 1993 and the different Honorary Consul have always served the Swedish community in Pattaya and the surrounding areas very well.

For those people who are looking to do business in Pattaya the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start.  They are admittedly more active in the Bangkok area but actively support the frequent Joint Chamber meetings that are held in Pattaya.  The Chamber will be to offer you advise on setting up your business and they will have forged strong links with other influential people in the community who will be able to assist you.

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