Review of the Honda PCX 150


The Honda PCX 150 is the larger scooter that we frequently see on the streets of Pattaya.  The whole bike is considerably larger than other scooters making them far more comfortable for passengers in terms of seating, especially with the twin shock rear suspension and the larger engine, 150cc (actually 153cc) as opposed to the more common 125cc, makes the PCX a far smoother ride.  The new 2015 model has dual headlights and a slightly larger fuel tank (now around 8 litres) obviously meaning that you can go for greater distances between top ups.

The PCX is excellent for city driving as you can still weave between the cars but you have more power to get you out of the all too common precarious situations.  Being slightly larger, it is perhaps more suited to the Westerners who use bikes in and around Pattaya.  The PCX is comfortably capable for reaching speeds of 90km/h so short trips along the highway are not out of the question – something that only the bravest of 125cc riders would consider.

The larger vehicle is also easier to spot and naturally more stable than its smaller competitors, enhancing the overall safety of the bike.  This is again something that may appeal to the occasional riders that use bikes here.  The ‘twist and go’ transmission also makes it easier to handle for the less experienced rider as opposed to the manual transmission bikes such as the Honda Wave.  The fuel economy is also excellent with inner city driving still giving a fuel consumption of around 60mpg therefore making the bike a cheaper ‘run around’.


The bike is recommended for those visitors to Pattaya who don’t wish to travel by car but find conventional scooters too small.  The Honda PCX is ideally suited for people who frequently travel in pairs as it is perhaps the passenger who will feels the benefits the most.  If you live in East Pattaya but make frequent trips to the city this maybe a far better alternative as long trips on smaller bikes do tend to result in aches and pains!

The Honda PCX is available to rent from Pattaya Rent a Bike and has proved to be an extremely popular addition since it’s introduction to the fleet.  The Pattaya Rent a Bike office is located on Pratamnak Hill, close to the Tara Court Hotel. For more details you can visit the website at: