Review of the Ford Fiesta


The Ford Fiesta is a relative newcomer to the car rental market in Thailand, largely due to the fact that Ford has only in recent years started manufacturing cars here in Thailand and previously it had been too expensive to include them on rental fleets.  The Ford Fiesta has been popular in Europe for quite literally decades (they were originally produced in 1976) with various changes to the design (or Mark as Ford call it) to move with customer demand.  For years now the Fiesta has been one of the leading cars in the class and was voted by the UK magazine Auto Express as their Supermini of the Year 2014.

So what makes the Fiesta so popular? Well to start with there is literally a Fiesta for everyone.  From the basic model right through to the posh Titanium model there will be something that will suit your needs.  The vehicle has excellent fuel consumption and certainly doesn’t lack any power considering the smaller engine models.  The Fiesta certainly doesn’t lack anything in style and now closely resembles are smaller version of the ever popular Ford Focus.

On the road the handling is excellent and fun drive, ideal for city centre driving that would of course be one of the primary uses here in Pattaya.  Like the majority of cars in Thailand the Fiesta has automatic transmission and therefore is at least on a par with, if not better than any of its competitors.  The 5 door version of the car makes it appeal to a wider audience and it certainly doesn’t lack head or leg room which can be an issue with other vehicles in the same class.


The Fiesta of course does have some drawbacks although these are constantly being addressed by Ford.  The car is a volume seller and therefore can sometimes lack reliability although this has proved to be less of an issue with the 2014 model.  Some of the internal plastics have been described as ‘cheap’ but this is only by the over critical.  The lack of Bluetooth as standard has however attracted more criticism.  This is an optional extra but is sadly something that you would need to pay for.

So overall, the Fiesta is an excellent, stylish Supermini and certainly not something that you would be embarrassed by.  The benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks, and the car adds something different to roads of Pattaya as opposed to the more common competitors.  The car receives a thumbs up all round from our team!

The Ford Fiesta is available for rent from Pattaya Rent a Car located on the Pratamnak Hill.