Review of the Chevrolet Colorado


With the recent vogue for pickups getting larger and larger Chevrolet have brought out the brand new Colorado for 2015 that bucks this trend.  The new Colorado is big, but not too big for those looking for something slightly smaller and not looking to tow a house but still move things from A to B.

The vehicle is around 1.8 metres tall and just over 1.9 metres wide so is not small by any stretch of the imagination.  It is available in the 2 versions a 2.5 litre, 4 cylinder with a very healthy 200 horsepower or in the staggering 3.6 litre V6 version with a whopping 305 horsepower.  Both will get you from A to B without any dramas or need to trash the engine and both come with a 6 speed automatic gearbox.  It has been speculated that a 6 speed manual and a turbo diesel with also be brought out later in the year.

Although the Colorado has been out for a number of years now the main changes with the 2015 model are aimed reducing the weight and therefore increasing the fuel economy.  The heavier 4×4 model weighs in now at just over 1.9 tonne and the 2 wheel drive model is now less than 1.8 tonne, a marked improvement on the previous model.  There have been notable efforts to improve the strength of the vehicle but the bonnet and driveshaft are now made from aluminium rather than steel.

There had been criticisms in the past that the Colorado wasn’t one of the more attractive pickups on the market but Chevrolet has made efforts to correct this.  The new model has a more aerodynamic and streamlined but luckily has kept the chrome to a minimum.  The interior has also been improved and now gives the vehicle a more luxurious feel.  Everything about the vehicle is a marked improvement on the previous model and it is sure to prove a popular model in the showrooms.


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