Review of the 2015 Toyota Vigo


It was only a matter of time before Toyota implemented some major changes to the Vigo and indeed the time has now come and is expected in March 2015.  The new model will be far more streamlined incorporating mores curves as well as an increase in the overall size of the vehicle including a larger load capacity.  The interior is also not only more spacious but there is more of an emphasis on luxury and comfort throughout the whole cabin – something that had perhaps been lacking in older models.

The new Vigo will bring together expertise from Australia, Thailand and Japan to ensure that all of their R&D teams are involved in the vehicles development.  Toyota Australia will be in charge of the new chassis and it is the platform of the vehicle that is significantly changed.   In line with moves by Volkswagen and Nissan, the platform will be standardised across the Toyota range, improving the overall quality.

There will also be improvement in the handling of the vehicle with an increase in horsepower and torque across all models in the range although the engine capacities will not be increased retaining the 2500cc D-4D Diesel 2KD Engine, 3000cc D-4D Diesel 1KD engine, 2000cc Petrol VVT-i DOHC I4, 2700cc Petrol VVT-i DOHC I4 and 4000cc Petrol VVT-i DOHC V-6, all have which have proved to be reliable and popular.  Another change will be to the steering box with a European version replacing the slightly cumbersome Japanese version that had previously been used.

A common complaint had previously been made about the passenger comfort in the Vigo with some describing it as ‘hard and bumpy’.  Toyota has improved the suspension on the new version with improved shock absorbers that has resulted in fewer vibrations and with it, reduced noise.  Although the vehicle has always prided itself on it’s safety features these too are improved and a new Electronic Stability Control is now present in all Vigo models.  Toyota has also improved the braked towing capacity to 3000kg whereas previously this had been 2500kg.


Overall the 2015 Toyota Vigo is much improved on the already popular pickup in the range.  Drivers and passengers can now experience greater comfort in the larger vehicle that is also more aesthetically pleasing.  If you are looking to rent a Toyota Vigo or any other vehicle regardless of your needs and requirements, contact Shane at Pattaya Rent a Car located on the Pratamnak Hill and he will arrange the perfect vehicle for your needs.