Renting a Motorbike is the easiest way to get around Pattaya

With the traffic in Pattaya getting increasingly busy the easiest and cheapest way to get around Pattaya is by motorbike. If you don’t own a motorbike the simplest and most affordable thing that you can do is rent one from a reputable company such as Pattaya Rent a Bike. The bikes can be booked in advance through or you easily go along to the office that is located on the Pratamnak Hill. All of the motorbikes that are available from Pattaya Rent a Bike are maintained to a high standard and  come with government insurance. Needless to say, all bikes come with 2 helmets to ensure that you are suitably protected.

Most bikes that are available are automatic so it is easy to get comfortable with them so long as you take it steady at first. It is always wise to drive at the speed of traffic and beware extremely aware of other bikes and cars who may not respond as you would expect them to do in your home country.Yamaha Mio

Although many of the main roads in Pattaya are of a good standard, some of the smaller roads can be uneven and in need of repair. Remember these holes that may appear small to car drivers can be dangerous for bike users so again keep this in mind.

Once you are familiar with the motorbike you can start to get make the most of the city and get around. Motorbikes can easily weave between the stationary or slow moving vehicles and can get you from A to B in many cases far quicker than a car. Another advantage with motorbikes is the fact that they can be easily parked on most roads, something that you certainly cannot say about cars.

Bikes fit into small spaces on most roads and are handy for pulling in outside a 7 Eleven when you need to collect you groceries.

All bikes come with room under the seat to keep your valuables although it is not advisable to leave valuable in the bike when it is left unattended. There is usually a small hook at the front of the bike where it is possible to hang a small in which you may keep some of your possessions although it is

wise not to overload the bike especially if you are an inexperienced rider.

All in all you will get more out of your stay in Pattaya if you have you own transport and you will get to experience more of the city and what Pattaya has to offer.