Renting Cars in Thailand – Insurance

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the cheapest option is the best option when renting vehicles in Thailand. I get so many customers telling me that they can get the same car down the road for 2000 baht less, my reply…… my guest but remember for someone to be offering the same vehicle for 2000 baht less there has to be a trade off. Maybe they haven’t got the right insurance, maybe they don’t have breakdown cover or maybe when you return the vehicle you will loss your deposit for damage that you haven’t done. The bottom line is nobody sells 1000 baht notes for 500 baht so be smart when renting in Thailand and check everything is in order. The 2000 baht you will save on the initial rental price will be dwarfed in comparison if you hit a Ferrari and the rental company hasn’t got the correct insurance.

Other things worth noting when deciding which company to rent a car, would be, to ask yourself…..Is renting cars their main business? If it is their main business then the chances are they will have the correct paperwork in place should there be a problem. I recently had a customer who got hit by a bus when driving one of my vehicles, when he jumped the red light. Fortunately for him I could accompany him to the police station and sort everything out because all my paperwork is in order, we have nothing to hide. If the company you are dealing with are not a car rental company then it is unlikely that they will have car rental insurance, therefore they are not allowed to rent their vehicle out and the insurance becomes invalid, meaning you are at risk.

Don’t ruin your stay in Thailand by trying to save a few thousand baht, be smart rent from Pattaya Rent a Car.


Carl Rental

Partner, Pattaya Rent a Car