Red Number Plates on Cars

When you are driving around Pattaya or anywhere else for that matter you can’t fail to notice the number of cars that have red license plates.  Red license plates are for new vehicles and are initially issued by the dealership when you purchase a vehicle regardless of whether it is a car or a motorbike.

Red plate

In theory cars should only have a red number plate for 60 days after they leave the dealership.  This gives both the new owner and dealership time to organise paperwork and register the vehicle with the Land Transport Department.  In practice cars can often go around for months with a red number plate for a variety of reasons such as owners looking to show their vehicle as being newer than it actually is or avoiding paying the fees.  Sometimes dealers may delay the process in order that they can charge a larger amount.

With a red number plate you are only supposed to drive the vehicle in the province in which it was purchased.  For example if you purchased the car in Pattaya you could only drive in Chonburi province and not for example in Bangkok or Rayong.  Also, the vehicle should not be on the roads after 6pm.  In practice neither of the laws are enforced but you should be aware of them in case you meet an over zealous policeman.

With red number plates it is also unlikely that the vehicle has been transferred into your name as officially it has not been registered.  On the face of it this would not seem like a problem but could have potential issues further down the line if the dealership were to go bust or there was some other reason why the vehicle could not be transferred.  Really, if you purchase a car you should be looking to get the vehicle registered and the correct plates fitted as soon as possible.

All of these issues with red plates are another reason why you should consider renting a vehicle from Pattaya Rent a Car.  All of the vehicles are new and fitted with the correct plates as soon as possible.  You will have no issues leaving the province as we have all the correct paperwork in place.