Pattaya Sports Club v International Pattaya Golf Club

Pattaya Sports Club and International Pattaya Golf Club are 2 of the best known golf societies in Pattaya and both administer handicaps and run weekly competitions and larger tournaments several times throughout the year. Here is a brief background on both of these clubs.

Update: June 2016 There is another golf handicapping system now called Birdie


Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) is located just off 3rd Road in North Pattaya and was formed in 1979. The aim of the club is to bring people together through a variety of sports including golf, badminton, bowling, cricket, fishing and softball. The club is also heavily involved with charity work and makes regular donations to local charities.

PSC members are entitled to discounts at many of the golf courses in the area as well as some retailers. Handicaps are administered by PSC and are run in accordance with Rules of Golf. All handicaps are entered into their USGA database and are officially recognized around the World.


IPGC was formed in 2000 with the aim of bringing all golfers together in the region regardless of their nationality or handicap. The IPGC, similar to Pattaya Sports Club organizes weekly competitions negotiating favourable rates with many of the local courses. It doesn’t matter if you are an expat or tourist everyone is welcome and you can be sure of game on one of the wonderful courses in the region.

All of the competitions that are run by the IPGC are run in accordance with the Rules of Golf that are jointly administered by the Royal and ancient Golf Society and United States Golf Association. Players compete using CONGU handicaps that are administered by IPGC. Scorecards must be completed correctly and submitted in order for handicaps to be obtained or maintained.

Both clubs are excellent, there is little doubt that and great care attention is taken by both groups to ensure that golfers get the best possible experience. The one slight advantage that perhaps Pattaya Sports Club has over the IPGC is the fact that it is able to offer other sports and not just simply golf. However, as the IPGC focuses purely on golf this perhaps gives it the upper hand for those looking purely for golf. Regardless, it is all very subjective and you are sure to have an excellent day with either group.

For those looking for advice regarding golf a good person to contact is Shane Ruddle at Pattaya Rent a Car which is located on the Pratamnak Hill.