Pattaya has a Sister in Russia


In a previous article will spread the good news that Pattaya has a sister, well in fact Pattaya actually has two! The second sister is St Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia with a population of around 4.9 million people. St Petersburg is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. In 1924 the city was renamed Leningrad after the death of the former leader Lenin but return to the name of St Petersburg in 1991.

The city was founded by the famous Tsar Peter the Great around the start of the 18th Century and is widely regarded as one of the most Western cities in Russia and has a proud reputation for its culture and heritage. St Petersburg is home to the Hermitage Art Museum which is one of the largest in the World. Other points of interest are places such as Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, St Petersburg Mosque – which was the largest in Europe when it was constructed in 1913. In the south of the city you will find the Winter Palace and the Marble Palace. The Winter Palace is the former home of the Russian Emperors.  There are at present only 3 skyscrapers in St Petersburg with current laws forbidding any structures over 10 metres high.

STP3 A famous image of St Petersburg

The climate varies dramatically in the city with winter temperatures averaging just -8.5 degrees Celsius and summer temperature hovering around the 24 degrees Celsius mark. Indeed during the winter months the River Neva frequently freezes over causing minor problems for the port. Speaking of the port, this the main source of income for the city and does indeed make the city extremely prosperous. There are a number of shipyards and shipbuilders in the region which, along with the port itself, provide high levels of employment with good salaries being paid.

Pattaya sees these sister cities as a way of enhancing relationships with other countries and therefore promoting growth and tourism.