Offshore Workers in Pattaya


Pattaya attracts people from all walks of life and many people come here for differing reasons but one group that is quite high in numbers is the offshore workers.  They come here again for different reasons but one of the most common reasons is because of the tax advantages compared to somewhere like the UK.  Most of these guys work on rotation and it is not uncommon for them to work ‘a month on and a month off’ which we probably force them into paying taxes in their home country – a not insignificant sum when you consider what they earn.

Another common reason for this group coming here is because it is often closer to where they actually work and coming ‘home’ to Pattaya is easier and quicker than returning to the country of their passport.  Many of these workers will have got Thai families now with children in one of the many excellent international schools in the area – private education in Thailand is often far cheaper than private education in other countries.

So where do all these people go when they are back in town? Not surprisingly bars are one of the main places that you will find them with alcohol having been banned for the previous month whilst offshore.   If you are working offshore and are looking to catch up with some people in a similar industry then starting in many of the bars in and around the Soi Buakhao area is a good start.  The Offshore Bar (now located on Soi Chiayapoon) is, as the name suggests a popular haunt as too is the I Rover (formerly the Irish Rover) located on LK Metro.  Visit any of these places and you are sure to catch up with people who have similar interests.


The owner of the Offshore Bar

Obviously these people do not spend all of their time in the bars and have other interests as well.  Gyms and martial arts are another popular pastime and these are located all around Pattaya so recommending one in particular would be difficult but asking in one of the bars mentioned may be a good starting point.

Most of the offshore workers are away for long periods of time although they do require transport when they are in town.  Rent a car or a motorbike from Pattaya Rent a Car located on the Pratamnak Hill may well be a good option with excellent rates offered on long term rentals and repeat business.