New 2012 Toyota Fortuner

Toyota’s best selling SUV – Toyota Fortuner has got a facelift. The new Fortuner is priced at 1,399,000 baht for the 3.0L Diesel engine, 4WD but they are not that easy to get a hold of and at present there is a 5 month waiting list and this is why.

– The Fortuner now comes in three options – the 4×4, the 4×2 automatic and the 4×2 manual. Also, all three versions come with a 3.0 litre engine. Both 4×4 and 4×2 manual get 5-speed gearbox while the automatic has a 4-speed gear.
– The Fortuner gets a 2DIN 6-inch LCD touch screen music system with auxiliary, Bluetooth connectivity and of course iPhone compatible
– The new Fortuner has become more insistent with chrome, clear lens headlamps and a bigger meatier looking bonnet
– The Fortuner 4×2 manual is a lot more responsive and it’s lighter than the 4×4 version by 90kg.

– For me though the most noticeable feature of the new Fortuner is the engine noise. Toyota haven’t infact made the engine any quieter but what they have done is sound proofed the front interior so the vehicle sounds much smoother

As a car rental company it is in our interest to look into the new car market and we decided that purchasing a few new Toyota Fortuners would be a smart move as the previous version proved very popular. We now have many new 2012 Fortuners for hire as well as the older shaped ones so if you want to test drive the two and compare you can rent from and make up your own mind

Karl Rental
Partner, Pattaya Rent a Car Co Ltd