Mood Blues Club


It seems that one of the most popular types of bar in Pattaya at the moment is Blues bars and one of the best is the Mood Blues club which is located on Soi 6 in Pratamnak close the Pattaya Rent a Car office.  The club is owned by well known local musician Peter Windegasse.  Peter is known locally for his love of guitars but he also is a great food connoisseur so this makes the club a great place to go for those who love music and food.

The layout of the bar is very tasteful and quite unusual.  Divided into 3 sections, the first being designed for al fresco dining is an open patio area but has an excellent sound system so you don’t miss out on the music from the bands playing inside.  The second part to the club is known as the pit and is where the musicians perform and is tastefully decorated with pictures of stars from yesteryear.   The third area is inside with a sit-up bar along one side and a large comfortable settee for lounging and listening.  The whole bar has a great feel and you can see that a lot of thought went into the design.

blues3 John Lee Hooker

With regards to food and drinks menu the Mood Blues Club is very reasonably priced.  Food dishes start at THB150, bottles of wine for around THB1000 and a glass is THB200.  The owner is a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs so as you would expect the food is of a very high standard.  Western and Thai dishes are served and the chef will cook these to your particular taste, appreciating that sometimes the Thai and Western palate is different.

As mentioned, Blues bars are becoming increasingly popular in Pattaya but the Mood Blues Club is certainly one of the best in the city.  The bar has fantastic atmosphere and the bands are a lot better than those on offer at competitors.  There is ample street parking so this won’t be an issue and for those not wishing to drive there are plenty motorbike taxis available although of course it is far easier if you drive yourself with rental cars available from the nearby Pattaya Rent a Car.

If you are short of something to do this weekend or indeed throughout the week, why not pop along to the Mood Blues Club? You are sure to have a great time with the quality of the music and food on offer.