Macha Bucha Day


The upcoming Makha Bucha Day on March 4th 2015 is one of the most important dates in the Buddhist calendar.  Celebrated every year  on the full moon of the third lunar month it is celebration to mark the day 9 months after 1250 of Buddha’s followers spontaneously came together to listen to a sermon.  It was at this sermon that he established the basis of the monastic order or the Sangha as it is sometimes referred to.  This is celebrated as a public holiday not just in Thailand but also in Laos and Cambodia.

Makha Bucha celebrations start at sunset in all temples around Thailand. Thais or Buddhist in general will come to pray, make offering to Buddha and the monks and then after sunset there will be a candlelit procession around the ordination hall or ubosot should the temple have one.  This really is quite a spectacle if you are unfamiliar with the practices and some of the best places to witness this in Pattaya are at the Buddha Mountain on Pratamnak Hill or the large temple on South Pattaya Road.  If you are in Bangkok some of the best places to observe Makha Bucha are at the Golden Mount or Wat Benjamabopit (known as the Marble Temple).


Makha Bucha Day is a strictly observed public holiday in Thailand so most of the bars are likely to be closed.  In previous years many bars in cities such as Pattaya had remained opened and saw little resistance from the police however as the country is still officially under military law it is extremely likely that laws will be enforced.  Sadly as is often the case in Thailand it may be closer to the day when anything is officially confirmed meaning that some tourists maybe left frustrated and in lack of something to do!

In Thailand there is usually little excuse needed for to have a good old party.  Alcohol will be sold in the days leading up to the Makha Bucha Day so for those wanting or needing a little alcohol to help get into the swing on things there shouldn’t be any problem getting stocked up for your private party.  If you are looking to buy plenty of refreshments for your private party, why not rent a car from Pattaya Rent a Car located on the Pratamnak Hill.  Pattaya Rent a Car has a range of vehicles including pickups that you could use the transport the refreshments to your gathering.