Isan Party – Comedy Pub Pattaya


There is always plenty to do in Pattaya but most of things tend to follow a similar theme.  They either revolve around bars or sport and often these 2 areas combine.  This Saturday, 4 April however sees something that is completely different and perhaps an opportunity to see something that we don’t usually get to experience in Pattaya.  The Comedy Pub which is located on Soi Batman in South Pattaya is hosting a unique event – an Isan (Isaan) Party.

The evening’s events get underway at around 7pm and are sure to continue long into night and potentially the early hours of the morning as well!  The party includes Isan Dance, a FREE Isan Buffet as well as an Isan Show.  If you have never been to Isan or you have a partner from Isan this is a great opportunity to experience something that little bit different.  We all know that Thai girls like eating, drinking and partying so why not take her along as she will love the experience?

For those of you who are unaware of the Comedy Pub it is typical authentic Irish Pub.  The whole places oozes charm and the wood décor just adds to the ambience and as you would expect everyone who goes in enjoys the craic.  The upstairs area is a sofa style lounge and includes a pool table for those of you who are looking to get a few frames in.

comedy 2 A pint of the “Black Stuff”

The Comedy Pub has an excellent selection of draught beers (including Old Speckled Hen and Guinness) and serves English, American and German breakfasts.  The pub also serves an excellent Sunday Roast and throughout the week you can try out their tasty lamb shanks or burgers.  Generally the whole menu is excellent and the place looks superb after the recent renovations.

The one downside about the place is the fact that it can be quite difficult to find if you are not overly familiar with the area. Often motorbike taxi drivers will not be familiar with the place and it is certainly not a baht bus route.   The best way to find it is from South Pattaya Road.  The entrance to the soi is opposite the Big C.  A good way to get there of course is by driving yourself as this avoids any potential problems with transport.  If you don’t own a car or bike of you own you could consider renting one from Pattaya Rent a Car which is situated on the Pratamnak Hill.