How to rent a car in Pattaya

Step 1 – Research

Do some research to find a car rental company that you feel comfortable dealing with. This is the most important step in this process because if you get this step wrong, what should be a relatively painless process can turn into a nightmare that could ruin your holiday.

When doing your research look out for these points

– Do they have an office? This might not seem important if you plan to get the vehicle delivered but having an office says an awful lot about the legitimacy of the company you are dealing with.

– Do they insure their cars with first class insurance specifically for rental companies?
Most car rental companies in Pattaya will have first class insurance on their vehicles but the all important detail is that of first class insurance specifically for rented vehicles, if the company does not have this you run the risk of any claim being invalid.
– Do they offer nationwide breakdown cover?
This one could quickly ruin your holiday too, the inconvenience caused by dealing with an experienced company in this situation could leave a sour taste in your mouth.
– Do they offer a replacement vehicle should you have an accident?
Most of the bigger companies will offer this as they have enough vehicles to work around issues like this but a smaller company with 4-5 vehicles will probably not. Always worth checking this one out.

I think when choosing a company you should always be thinking trust! Can I trust these people to have the right paperwork in place, can I trust these people to help me if I have an issue, can I trust these people to keep their word.

Step 2 – The Inquiry

Once you have settled on a company fill out the form on their website or give them a call and tell them 2 things only. The type of car you want and the dates in which you want it. Once you get these answers you can then ask the other questions you might have. I say this because we get lots of questions from customers that are irrelevant until the first two questions are answered.

Step 3 – The Confirmation

Most companies in Pattaya do not offer instant booking via their websites so after making the initial inquiry you will need to wait for a confirmation of price and availability.

Step 4 – Collection or Delivery

During the inquiry and confirmation you should have organised whether you were collecting the vehicle or the vehicle was being delivered to your place. At Pattaya Rent a Car we offer both options with delivery being free of charge within the Pattaya area.

Step 5- Inspection and signing of the contract

Once the vehicle has arrive or you have collected it, be sure to check the vehicle thoroughly! This is often overlooked by many customers who spend time checking for damage but fail to check the tire tread, the seats and the paperwork in the vehicle. All just as important as the damage. Most companies will charge a 5000 baht deposit at this stage which will be used should you have an accident.

Check the contract too, make sure you understand your responsibilities and ask any questions you might have. Our contracts at Pattaya Rent a Car are quite extensive and are rarely read which is why we summarize and add to the front so customers do not miss the important parts.

And that’s it, choose the right company and don’t always choose based on price alone and always remember throughout the whole process , it’s all about TRUST!