How do the Toyota Vios and Honda City Compare?


Arguably the 2 most popular cars in their range, the Toyota Vios and Honda City are 2 cars that you will regularly see on the roads of Pattaya.  Both are produced here in Thailand so are considerably cheaper than their imported counterparts.  Previously the Vios had been regarded by many to be King of the class but the all new Honda City seems to be doing an excellent job of making up the ground.  The Honda City is probably the more attractive of the 2 vehicles but this shouldn’t be the only thing that you judge the 2 cars on.

Both cars that we compared are the 1.5 litre engine models and naturally automatic transmission.  Both cars are have similar maximum power with the Vios coming in at 79KW at 6000 rpm and the City coming in at 80KW at 6000 rpm.  Again the torque is almost the same, 142Nm at 4200 rpm for the Vios and 145Nm for the City leaving little to separate the 2 vehicles in terms their performance on paper at least although the Honda City did feel slightly smoother but it would be unfair to criticise the Vios.  In terms of fuel economy, again there is little to choose with the Vios capable of 8.5km per litre in city traffic compared to 8.2km per litre from the City.


Both cars are spacious inside with plenty of room for both the driver and passengers.  The only slight criticism of the Vios in terms of the comfort was that the front seating was slightly too upright in comparison with the City.  The other slight design fault with the Vios is that the USB port is located quite high on the dashboard meaning you need a long cable to charge you phone or plug in your iPod.  Space is limited for storing items on the dashboard which would be down to personal preference if this was of benefit or not.

The City and Vios both have excellent audio systems and facility to play music from mobile phones or other devices.  Both have systems for answering mobile phones when driving so as not to distract drivers.

All in all there is little to choose between the 2 cars but with the City maybe marginally ahead in terms of performance and the appearance differences are down to individual preference.  If you were to have either of these cars you would certainly be satisfied and feel that you have got value for money.  Both cars are available from Pattaya Rent a Car located on the Pratamnak Hill.