How Can I Get Flour & Water Off My Car Paint Job?

Flour and water on a car’s paint job won’t ruin the finish, but removing the mixture can be a hassle. During Songkran you will inevitably get some flour thrown over your car at some stage. Flour, when it’s mixed with water becomes paste. Attempting to wash flour off your car’s paint will turn the flour into a glue-like mixture, making it a even harder to remove. The obvious suggestion will be to drive your car into one of the many car washes in and around Pattaya but as everybody else has the same idea you might have to wait 3-4 days after the madness stops. Doing it yourself is always an option:

1) Soak some towels in hot water.Lay the wet towels on top of the dried flour mixture.

2) Soak the towels with water, every 20 minutes. Your goal is to to soften the flour paste so that it can be easily washed away.

3) If there are parts that didn’t get soaked because they were deeply buried under a thick layer of paste. Repeat as needed.