Hiring a car for your visit to Koh Chang

Koh Chang has many nicknames; The Oriental Eden of the East, The Maldives of Thailand and The Last Paradise of Natural. These are all good indicators that Koh Chang is well worth a visit! Koh Chang is a peaceful and beautiful island, where the inhabitants live life at a slower pace to those on the mainland. An unspoilt paradise of natural beauty with so much to offer. From great diving opportunities, to a wealth of stunning views and gorgeous beaches. Some rare birds nest on the island so you might get to see Sea Eagles, Andaman Kites and Hornbills. There’s something beautiful around every corner on Koh Chang. It’s the perfect island for exploring.

Koh Chang is the second largest of Thailand’s islands, covering some 429 square kilometres. With this is mind it’s obvious that to get the most out of a visit to Koh Chang, you’re going to need a car. There are only five thousand permanent residents on the island, so there isn’t the same regular public transport system you can use if you visit the more bustling areas of Thailand such as Phuket and Ko Samui. You could take a songthaew, which is basically a pick up truck with bench seating, but the cost for travelling around this way is pretty high. Much higher than you’d pay elsewhere. Getting to Koh Chang in the first place can also be a problem. You could try to get a taxi to Koh Chang, but you could find that the drivers will refuse you as the chances of getting a fare for their return journey are too slim.

Although tourism is on the increase in Koh Chang, it’s still a quiet and relaxing place to visit. The island isn’t yet geared up fully for tourism, and so hiring a car on Koh Chang can be difficult. Most people visiting Koh Chang find it much easier to hire a car in Pattaya from one of the top car rental companies in Thailand such as Pattaya Rent-a-Car. It’s very simple to rent your car in Pattaya and then drive to Koh Chang.

With a rental car you can explore Koh Chang at your own pace and at your own convenience. You can go where you want, when you want. It makes spending time on Koh Chang so much simpler and you’ll get to see and do so much more than if you were relying on public transport to get around. There’s also no worries about missing the last bus back to your hotel if you’re enjoying a beautiful sunset or a delicious meal in one of the amazing restaurants on the island.

Hiring your car in Pattaya and driving to Ko Chang is also a very good way of getting to Koh Chang in the first place. Hiring a car in Pattaya is easy, and it’s just a four hour drive to get to the island. The drive is easy, and it’s very enjoyable. You’ll see some beautiful scenery on your way, and in your hire car you can stop off to admire the view or have a rest whenever you like.

Pattaya is very easy to get to from anywhere in the world, so picking up your rental car in Koh Chang ensures that your journey remains stress free. You can then drive to Koh Chang at your own pace, at whatever time you like to co-ordinate with your incoming flights. If your flight is delayed, you can simply pick up your rented car a little later, rather than having to worry about missing public transport. Once on the island you’ll have the freedom to explore at will. You’ll also be fully covered by the car hire company’s insurance, and if you pick a good rental car company such as Pattaya Rent-a-Car, you’ll also have breakdown cover to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

When it comes to your return journey, this too will be much easier with a car hired in Pattaya, as you can simply jump in the car and return it to the rental company. If you had hired a car in Koh Chang you would have to try and take public transport all the way back to Pattaya and ensure it timed right for you to continue your journey home. It’s definitely much easier to hire your car in Pattaya. You’re also likely to find the prices of car hire in Pattaya will be lower than those in Koh Chang. There are far more car rental companies in Pattaya than on Koh Chang and so that competition keeps prices lower than those on the islands.

So next time you visit the beautiful island of Koh Chang, do consider hiring a car in Pattaya and taking the delightful drive to the island. You’ll be very pleased that you did!