Hassle Free Driving in Pattaya with Long Term Hire

Owning a car can be a real pain. First you’ve got to buy the car. Even an old car will cost you quite a bit. Old cars are more likely to break down, so they’re an added worry. They also have many other disadvantages such as reduced safety specifications, and simply not looking very stylish! If you want a more modern car with the latest features then you’re going to have to spend a lot of money. Cars depreciate quickly, so when you come to sell you’ll be lucky to recoup even a fraction of the money you’ve spent.

There is another option though. Have you ever considered hiring a car long term? It may well be cheaper than you think, and there’s a wealth of advantages to hiring a car for the long term from a company such as Pattaya Rent-a-Car.

The advantages of long term car hire with Pattaya Rent-a-Car

Firstly, you can have a really great car without having to pay out the cost of buying it! Pattaya Rent-a-Car have a huge range of cars to choose from, so whether you want a Honda Jazz, a Toyota Yaris or a Ford Fiesta, you can have it. You can even change your car if you want to without having to go through the difficult, expensive and time consuming process of buying and selling.

Buying a car can be stressful. Whether you’re buying it brand new from the showroom, or second hand from a dealer or a private seller, buying a car can be a worry, especially if you’re not an experienced mechanic. By hiring a car all this stress is taken away from you.

Other than paying the cost of hiring the car, there are no other expenses other than filling up with petrol. You won’t have to pay for insurance and you won’t have to pay for your road tax either. This is all paid by Pattaya Rent-a-Car for you.

There’s no need to think about maintenance or servicing either as that is all taken care of for you. You won’t even have to give a thought to replacing the tyres when they’re worn. If your vehicle requires a service, or breaks down, Pattaya Rent-a-Car will provide you with a replacement so you can carry on with your life as normal with minimal inconvenience.

When you rent a car with Pattaya Rent-a-Car you’ll also benefit from fully comprehensive insurance and 24 hour breakdown assistance. All this is included in your monthly rental cost as standard.

Hiring a car long term really is the most stress free way to drive in Pattaya. Hiring a car from Pattaya Rent-a-Car is simple. You can call, or make your enquiry through the website. However you get in touch, the friendly staff will be very happy to help you. If you want book your long term hire car or ask any questions about this and other services offered by Pattaya Rent-a-Car do get in touch.