French Community in Pattaya

France 3

When we think of the nationalities that are living in Pattaya the Russians, the Brits and the Americans instantly spring to mind but sometimes we forget the French community that is certainly very much alive and well.  In fact there are believed to be over 2000 French nationals living in the area with many retirees but also plenty who are making a living in the city or surrounding area.

So where do the French community spend their time? Unlike perhaps the Brits and the Germans, the French culture tends to steer them away from frequenting many of the beer bars.  That is not to say that they don’t go there, just perhaps not as often.  The French community tends to stick more to the café culture and they tend spend their time in the many cafes and patisseries that are located around the city.

It is fair to say that this community does tend to stay quite closely knit; not in a ‘clicky’ sense but just that they stay together and socialise together.  There are a number of well known French owned bars around the city that are perhaps a little bit more for the more open minded along with some more normal, French owned drinking establishments.

The vast majority of the French community lives in East Pattaya although in reality they can be found throughout the city.  Upmarket cafes such as La Baguette in Naklua and also close to the Court House on Thappraya Road are probably some of the best known but by no means are these the only ones and probably attracts French Nationals to these areas as well.  There many groups and clubs that are aimed predominantly at French speakers and these can easily be found with a simple search on Google.  These clubs cover every pastime that you could imagine and are therefore too great to list!

France 2 La Baguette in Naklua

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