Essential items for a road trip to Isaan

A trip to Isaan may not be everyone’s idea of fun, indeed when is meeting the in-laws fun but with these simple tips you can improve the whole experience – well the journey there and back at least!


Road signs in Thailand are generally not the most helpful, often giving direction to everywhere but the place you require. They can be written solely in Thai and can be in obscure places nowhere near where you are supposed to turn! A GPS is one of the best options to get round this and make your journey all the more easy. A good old fashioned map is another alternative.

Be prepared

The roads in Thailand can be dangerous and of a poor quality. Always make sure your spare tyre is fully inflated and accessible if require. A portable pump can also be of benefit should you get a puncture and you just want to re-inflate the tyre on a temporary basis. Also, always make sure you have enough fuel as filling stations can be miles apart and the roads pretty isolated. A good rule of thumb is if you have less than half a tank, fill up when you see a garage, especially if you don’t know where you are going.

Consume it down

The greatest kept secret on road trip is good quality, cost effective, ready to eat food – which proves to be better than the restaurant cuisines. Along your journey you will see a number of street side vendors selling a wide range of different, fresh foods.

Trip to Issan

Drink it up

You always wish to quench your thirst with something new and interesting while you’re driving on a road trip. Whether you choose shakes, smoothies, soft drinks, iced coffee, cappuccinos, and the list goes on for beverages and will be available at various places en-route.

Power it up

If you’re carrying different entertainment gadgets with you, then you have to charge them all. You have USB ports in the car to charge your iPod, gaming pads and tablets. However, you should ensure that you have the adapter to fit the outlets. It makes charging of laptop, iPad and kitchen appliances easy.

Enjoy all you see

The road trips offer hundreds of beautiful roadside attraction. Whether it is the natural beauty or man-made scenic vistas, you just can escape from it. Isaan will certainly offer you something very different to that which is available in Pattaya – so appreciate it!