Driving Lessons in Pattaya

As many off you will be aware the driving standards in Thailand and Pattaya in particular often leave a lot to be desired.  A driving licenses is compulsory although it is surprising how few people actually have one and even more frightening are the number of people who do have one but have never had any lessons and perhaps not even taken a test.  There is an increasing clamp down on people with no driving license and also people being paying under the table to acquire one – so it would be for everyone’s benefit if driving standards did improve.

Learner Driver

Driving schools in Pattaya have been existence for a long time although they have not always been that popular.  With the mentioned clamp down on licenses there is more of a market for their services although they now need to become more professional and market themselves better to make the most of the opportunity.

There are a number of schools in and around Pattaya so there really no excuse for not learning to drive in the correct fashion.  There are 4 well known and driving schools that frequently get mentioned.  These are: Learn to Drive located on South Pattaya Road, Treat Driving School on Threpprasit Road, Teach Drive a Car which is situated on Pattaya 3rd Road and Driving School which in on Soi Khao Talo in East Pattaya.  There are others around the city such as in Naklua and on Central Pattaya Road so it is worth asking around to find out if anyone has prior experience.  Obviously, if you are paying for the lessons you want the best level of teaching and hopefully it is not purely about passing the driving test.

Learning to drive is well worth it for anyone as it will open more doors for you in terms of employment but also mean that you can get around more and appreciate more of what there is on offer in and around the Pattaya area.  Being able to drive will give you more freedom but cars obviously aren’t cheap.  If you are looking to get out and about more but are not in a position to buy a car, or perhaps you don’t want to, you could always consider renting from a company such as Pattaya Rent a Car.  As they are a reputable company they insist on all drivers having a valid driving license so again it is well worth taking the time to learn properly.