Chinese in Pattaya


In recent years we have seen the demographics on Pattaya change completely. Five or six years ago the tourists who came to the city were usually made up of Western Europeans, Americans and a smattering of Australians. These were usually single men coming here to enjoy everything that Pattaya was famous for and generally live the high life for however long they were staying.

After this we saw the influx of Russians coming to the city who were often families and extended families at that. This resulted in many of the entertainment complexes changing to cater for their new clientele and this naturally resulted in some of the other visitors leaving. As the prices gradually rose and the Thai Baht strengthened fewer and fewer of the previous guests were coming and the city had become predominantly Russian. Then in late 2014 we saw the collapse of the ruble which saw a Russian guests failing to coming to the city – enter the Chinese.

The Chinese have been coming here for several years but it was the demise of the Russian visitors that really opened the gates for them to come en mass. The hotels were welcoming these groups with open arms as too are the coach parties. Many of these Chinese guest choose to stay in their coach parties and groups as they feel that this is one of the better ways of getting to see all the attractions. This can on occasions cause frustration for local businesses as these visitors don’t tend to patronise the local stores as much as other tourists.

China3 Chinese coach parties in Pattaya
More and more activities are popping up around the city with these visitors the main target. Again we are likely to see Pattaya change to cater for this market. There are a number of restaurants around the city that are primarily setup to cater for the Chinese coach parties and it has to be said that most seem to thoroughly enjoy their time here. Only time will tell if they start to stray out of their groups and the masses start to buy property in the city as a opposed to just the minority who do already. Like everyone else, they are more than welcome and bring in much needed revenue.