Chevrolet Trailblazer versus the Toyota Fortuner


The Toyota Fortuner feels like it has been on the scene for many years with regular new models coming to the fore but still remaining largely unchanged in appearance at least from the original.  The Trailblazer is relatively new on the market but looking to gain some of the market share.

On paper at least both vehicles are remarkably similar.  Not surprisingly both have 4 cylinder engines with the Trailblazer coming in at 2776cc but the Toyota Fortuner topping the scales at 2988cc.  Both are available in manual or automatic transmission and claim to be able to climb an approach angle of 30 degrees but on the descent the Trailblazer manages 22 degrees against the Fortuner’s 25 degrees.   The clearance of the Fortuner is also lower at 220mm against the Trailblazer’s 260mm.


The fuel capacity of the Trailblazer is 76 litres against 80 litres for the Fortuner.  The towing capacity of the Trailblazer is massively superior at a whopping 2950kg compared to just 2020kg for the Fortuner, but the Fortuner has 8 airbags against its competitors 6.  The sound system in the Fortuner is just 6 speakers against the Trailblazer’s 8 so in the car cinema effects are far better in the Chevrolet.

Although the Fortuner currently out sells the Trailblazer by around 200 to 1 the Trailblazer is fast catching up.  It has Brazilian design and an Italian engine but is assembled here in Thailand.  The interior of the Trailblazer puts the Fortuner to shame, leaving the Fortuner feeling some what out dated in comparison.  The parts for the Trailblazer are also cheaper with both vehicles assembled in Thailand.

On the plus side for the Fortuner, it is an ever popular vehicle.  The Thais absolutely love this vehicle and the resale values remain higher than that of the Trailblazer and this is likely to remain the case.  The Trailblazer feels sleeker but the Fortuner gives a feeling of power and strength although it can feel heavy in city driving.

Overall the Trailblazer is the more modern vehicle with a superior internal design as you would expect from a newer designed car.  The Toyota will always be popular and have a higher resale value but is that really you reason for purchasing the vehicle?  Probably not.  Sadly, it appears the Fortuner has had its day and there is now a young gun on the scene.

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