Bangkok Hospital Pattaya


In Pattaya we are blessed with having some excellent hospitals with Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, Pattaya International Hospital and Memorial Hospital the best known. It doesn’t matter where you are in the World I think that we all want access to the best possible health care that we can get as this gives us peace of mind and the reassurance that should the worst happen, we will be well taken care of.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is located on the Sukhumvit Road close to the North Pattaya Road junction and is the largest hospital in the city. The standard of care is excellent and the hospital has state of the art facilities that would be comparable to many of the top hospitals in the World. Most of the doctors and nurses have an excellent grasp of English with many other languages such as Russian and Arabic also being spoken, meaning that you will have no problem explaining your symptoms, regardless of the language that you speak.

The hospital is a common ‘destination’ hospital for people who are coming with medical tourism in mind. This can range from cosmetic surgery – that is far cheaper in Thailand than in most Western countries but is still of the highest standard, to people coming here to be treated for more complex conditions. Many people also come here for thorough medicals as the hospital has all the facilities to cater for this with some extremely attractive packages making it affordable to nearly everyone.

BKK3 Doctors meeting a patient
The hospital is continuously updating their facilities and staff receive regular training to ensure that the hospital maintains its already high levels of care. The hospital is certainly not the cheapest around but you would not expect it to be with the facilities that are on offer. Generally you are treated very quickly and the check in and reception area has triage nurses available to discuss your issues. As with every other countries, health insurance is highly recommended in order to keep the cost down should you suffer from anything more serious.