Allianz Assistance (Formerly Mondial)

Breakdowns don’t occur at convenient times or locations.  No-one wants to feel stranded. Our roadside assistance provides help to you as a member 24 hours a day all over Thailand.

We provide the largest roadside assistance network in Thailand through more than 750 service providers around the country, so that we can help you in every single province.

If you think that because your car is new or well maintained that you don’t need roadside assistance, think again.  Many common roadside problems such as a tyre or battery problems, minor electrical faults, running out of fuel, accidentally locking the key in your car, have nothing to do with the age or maintenance of your vehicle.

We provide roadside assistance membership to more than 600,000 vehicles in Thailand.  We help thousands of stranded motorists each month and more than a third of these people are driving vehicles less than 12 months old.

We have been providing roadside assistance in Thailand since 2000 and provide roadside service on behalf of 20 major automobile manufacturers and importers in Thailand.  And we can get a roadside assistance technician to you within 30 minutes or a tow truck within 45 minutes, anywhere in Thailand.