A Comparison between the Mitsubishi Triton and Toyota Vigo


Both of these vehicles have been on the market for some time but there is little doubting their popularity.  Both vehicles as you would expect in Thailand, retain their value and being diesel, are reliable and will last for a number of years.  The tax benefits from purchasing a pickup as opposed to a car are well documented adding to their popularity with both Thais and Westerners.

It is slightly hard to do a direct comparison between the 2 vehicles due to the differences in engine size.  The Toyota Vigo has a 3 litre diesel engine and the Mitsubishi Triton has just a 2.5 litre diesel engine.  Naturally both are 4 cylinder turbo diesels with 5 speed automatic transmission.  The Mitsubishi offers slightly more power even with the smaller engine at 131kW against the Toyota’s 126kW.  The torque for the Triton is also slightly higher at 350Nm versus 343Nm from the Vigo although neither is obvious when out on the open road.

The Toyota has the quicker acceleration not surprisingly having the larger engine although what is surprising is that it has the better fuel economy.  The Mitsubishi can feel slightly lethargic with the smaller engine although depending on where you are travelling this needn’t be an issue.

Vigo Vigo

The Vigo is dogged by a firm, almost uncomfortable ride over sharp bumps.  The Triton is certainly less prone to jarring but this can make the steering feel somewhat heavy on occasions although this is something that you soon get used to.  The large turning circle of the Toyota at 12.4 metres can also be a hindrance in some circumstances although it should noted that these are primarily work vehicles.  This is supported by the fact that both vehicles have an excellent payload with the Toyota able to carry 853kg and the Mitsubishi a whopping 954kg!

Both vehicles have a fairly basic, almost bland interior in comparison to a lot of cars but again this is probably not want one the main reasons for owning a pickup of any description and any criticism is probably unfair and unwarranted.  The Toyota has excellent leg and head room in front and rear with the Mitsubishi being slightly more cramped in the back.  Both obviously have climate control and audio systems with GPS available on some models.

The Mitsubishi Triton and the Toyota Vigo are both available from Pattaya Rent a Car located on Pratamnak Hill.  Both are reliable vehicles with a good safety rating.