5 Great Night Spots in Pattaya


If there is one thing that Pattaya is famous for it is the nightlife. Let’s face it, Pattaya has it in abundance and it is something to be proud of and not ashamed of. Pattaya has built a reputation for being a ‘fun’ city and that is why many people coming here and generally speaking why the city is so successful. There are literally thousands of bars and clubs in Pattaya but here are a few suggestions that you might wish to try:

  1. Insomnia

Insomnia is perhaps the best known nightclub in Pattaya and is located on Walking Street and is associated with equally well known and popular I Bar. They have offers on drinks before midnight to try and entice people in from other venues early and these offers often prove successful. The club prides itself on the stylish sounds and visual effects. They often have famous DJ’s playing and have selected offers available to members.

  1. Endorphin

This is a new kid and the block and is proving to be very popular. As you would expect it is located on Walking Street and is a 2 level complex covering 1200sqm. It has a dance floor downstairs and 2 amazing rooms upstairs that you can’t fail to be impressed with. The club even has a sliding roof meaning that you can party on under the stars!

  1. Candy Shop

Candy Shop is an open fronted bar located halfway along Walking Street. It is an extremely popular place to watch the World go by and plays a variety of music including R&B, Hip Hop and Soul. Bands play at this venue on a daily basis and it is busy throughout the night. This is a great place to go with friends.

Candy Candy Shop on Walking Street

  1. Mixx

Located at the Bali Hai end of Walking Street, Mixx is another very well known and well respected nightclub. The club aims at the European market and is spread over several floors each playing a different type of music. Again famous DJs frequently play at this venue increasing its popularity.

  1. Soi LK Metro

It is extremely difficult to pick out just one place on this soi but generally speaking it is a great place to enjoy a night – or an afternoon for that matter. It has sports bars, Irish bars, agogo bars, hotel bars – you name it and LK Metro has it. People do tend to move between bars in this area so the whole area is a great destination rather than just one bar!