5 Great Golf Courses near Pattaya


If you are a regular reader of the blogs that we post on the Pattaya Rent a Car site you have probably realised by now that golf is something that is very to our hearts. It is probably one of the many things about Pattaya that we love the most as there are so many fantastic courses choose from in the area. It is never easy to choose 5 great courses when there are 20 championship standard courses in the area but here is a selection of some of the better ones and a brief explanation as to why they have been chosen:

    1. Old Course, Siam Country Club
The Old Course at Siam Country Club is probably one of the best known courses in the area and is home to the LPGA Thailand Open. The course is, as you would imagine for somewhere that hosts tour events – simply stunning! The fairways are similar to some of greens that we may expect back home and are kept in near perfect condition throughout the year. Without a doubt the best course in the area!
  1. Laem Chabang

Laem Chabang is another quite splendid course and is often talked about in the same breath as the courses at Siam Country Club. The course is wonderfully managed and maintained throughout the year as well as being considerably cheaper than Siam Country Club so it is probably for these reasons that it is many people’s favourite course. Laem Chabang is a popular choice for many of the local golf societies as well.

  1. Phoenix

Located close to Pattaya itself, Phoenix is another extremely popular course. Although a couple of years ago there were a few question marks surrounding the course it seems to have overcome these issues making it once again a popular choice for many of the locals in Pattaya. The course has an excellent club house meaning that players often stay there longer than they would at some of the other courses.


  1. Khao Kheow

Khao Kheow golf course is close to the open zoo of the same name making it the perfect place to go with the family. You can enjoy a round of golf in the morning and then take a trip to the zoo later in the day. Where else could you do something like that?

  1. Burapha

There are 36 holes at Burapha meaning that if you are a regular visitor you can enjoy a bit of variety! Located next to Laem Chabang course this is again close to Pattaya and kept in excellent condition throughout the year.